Stellar endorsements from students and parents

“Before meeting with Ms. Channing I was stressed out, unsure of how I was going to manage the search, application and audition process along with everything else in my life.  Right away I found Ms. Channing to be warm, welcoming, very knowledgeable (she knew about EVERY college I had ever thought of), easy to talk to and very supportive.  She helped me work through my options, form a game plan, and set a timeline tailored to fit my busy schedule.  Her help gave me the confidence I needed and relieved so much stress that I was able to enjoy my college search and enjoy my senior year.  I am happy to say that I was accepted to all of my top choices and I am now a sophomore music major at the University of Michigan and could not be happier with my decision.”

“As parents who initially approached the idea of a college counselor with some trepidation, it was important for us to find someone who was not only knowledgable and qualified, but also approachable, low-key, and who would help keep our kids calm during the entire process, doing as much or as little as we needed.  We are parents who are quite familiar with the college world, so we came to the process with some background.  Candy’s ability to meet parents where they are and, more importantly, where students are set her apart from other college counselors.
With two sons and a daughter applying to college over the last five years, we looked to Candy to understand the varying needs of our children and what they were each looking for in the schools they were applying to.  Whether academic specialties, intellectual atmosphere, the music world, greek life, religious life –  Candy either knows it all or partners with you to figure it out.  Over the years, her experience, knowledge, and tips helped us identify a range of schools for each child that were realistic, where they would be comfortable; she then helped each of them put together an application that sincerely reflected who they were.  From essay ideas and editing to interview tips to last-minute changes, Candy handles it all with ease. And it’s done in a patient, forthright way that makes the process as painless as possible!”

“With two very different daughters, our family has had the privilege of Candy’s expertise two-fold for college counseling. As parents, you can rest assured that your present will be a college placement that is well researched in EVERY category arriving at a FIT for your child. Candy goes to the ends of the earth to learn about your child and the right environment for them to pursue their next steps in education and life explorations. Our one daughter chose Pomona College, and will be a senior in the fall as a double major in math and chemistry. The other is a flower child and is pursuing holistic medicine as a sophomore at Pitzer College. Candy proves to be magical in assisting with this enlightening experience, making it painless for parents and most importantly, producing very happy, well-suited college experiences for our children.”

“Candace is an expert editor. She immediately sees the emerging theme in an essay and keeps encouraging the positive. As a parent, I was relieved to have such a perceptive and enthusiastic advocate monitoring my daughter’s college process. The tension immediately reduced after my daughter began working with Candace … when the heat was really on, Candace was a rock. She never wavered and her observations were always concise and brilliantly insightful. I have since given her phone number to others deep in the struggle and am always happy to watch the transformation from stress to strut.”

“It is our distinct pleasure to recommend Candace Channing as a college counselor and personal consultant.  Candace brings to the profession a rare combination of experience and sensitivity that makes her a great asset to her clients. … (she has) exceptional insights and marvelous abilities that  have been helpful to all types of college-bound students.  With her unparalleled enthusiasm, coupled with an honest and sincere sense of empathy and caring for all her students, we cannot recommend Candace more highly.”

“I came to Candace with a whole bunch of scattered ideas and a single ambition: to find the right college for me. I thought I was a good writer, but it turns out that college application writing and essays require their own unique language, one that Candace helped me to master and use effectively to communicate my personality and make my applications strong, refined and honest.  I got into my first-choice school, Mt Holyoke, and I owe so much of my success in the college application process to Candace.”

Having twin daughters, my husband and I have always been sensitive to their strong senses of individualism. So, as we began our search for college consultants, we knew finding the right person or persons who equally shared this understanding would be high on our priority list. Channing College Consulting (CCC) made it clear that their main focus throughout the college process is helping students foster their own qualities and goals. I realized quickly that CCC was by far the best choice we could make. 

With the talented CCC team, we had the benefit of not just one consultant, but rather three equally energetic women working collaboratively alongside my daughters, and each with her own set of highly trained skills.  Furthermore, their varying backgrounds led to different perspectives; however, the common theme was that each provided details and layers of analysis for just about any school on our list.

 Candy directed the overall process with organization, excitement, and her unique intuitive insight. She gave her time generously with a commitment to making herself always available for whatever need or issue arose and often times even going beyond the scope of college advising.  My daughters found Lauren to be thoroughly knowledgeable in preparation for the ACT and SAT, while Lindsay was instrumental in shaping many of the writing components.  Having C college consulting and tutoring in the same place proved very helpful in making our hectic schedules more manageable, not to mention the significant improvement both daughters made on their test scores.  And even more compelling was CCC’s impact as exceptional role models for teens, regardless of gender. 

 Most strikingly rare in the college process is finding advisors whose real passion is getting to know their students in an effort to help match them to the best college ‘fit,’ rather than reaching for the best possible college.  While CCC helped us find schools with the best education, they equally valued finding schools with a mix of important qualities for my daughters. I wanted more for my daughters than merely being viewed as a set of numbers (GPAs/test scores). Taking the time to truly understand each student as unique individuals is what sets CCC apart from all other consultants. Ultimately, their method helped my daughters define themselves in the most authentic manner for college applications and, even more importantly, for future life endeavors.