Personalized college consulting

Consulting services are customized to meet each student’s needs. In some cases, we work with students and parents as early as the end of eighth grade: helping with course selection and explaining the overall college process, particularly how the high school career ultimately impacts the students’ options. With each successive year comes a new series of questions: whether or not to take certain AP courses, the importance of extracurricular activities, the value of volunteerism, what exams to take and when, and finally the actual questions surrounding the college process itself.

Formulating a personalized, balanced list of reach, target, and likely schools

Making the most out of your college visits and learning to seek out the true character of each school… Practicing interview techniques so you will leave a lasting and positive impression

Building general and, in some instances, additional résumés to reflect specialized skills (e.g. music, horseback riding, theatre)… Creating internship-, career-, or graduate school-specific résumés


  • Common Application (including activities list, personal essay)
  • College-specific supplements/essays
  • Specialty packages (e.g. recordings/DVDs, portfolios)
  • Recommendation requests  (academic and other)

Assisting applicants’ parents in highlighting their children’s strengths

Revisiting the application process from a different perspective