Philosophy and Background

College applications that reflect the star in you amidst a constellation of schools where your star will shine

Channing College Consulting believes there is a star in everyone. That star is the essence of what makes them who they are and transcends their concrete “statistics” – course rigor, GPA, test scores, activities. Finding that star is a time of self-discovery, ultimately resulting in each student’s realization of his or her strengths, abilities, passions, and motivators.

The ultimate goal of the college process is to match the student’s star with the right schools. Over the past 30+ years, Candace Channing has come to know colleges across the country beyond their obvious statistics through an ongoing dialogue with admissions, deans, professors, students, and alumni. Channing College Consulting has the insider’s perspective on the academic philosophy, culture, community, environment, and “vibe.” With this knowledge, we help students discover schools where their stars can shine.

There is no cookie-cutter formula for successful college applications. Channing College Consulting embraces an individualized approach that incorporates an understanding of the vast array of perspectives on life, aspirations, hopes, college dreams, as well as capabilities and talents, when working with each student and his or her parent(s). Reflecting a student’s star makes each application unique in both content and presentation; admissions officers will truly know the individual.

Our approach demystifies the process and successfully eliminates the initial overwhelm and stress felt by students and their parents. Most importantly, it empowers and energizes students as active participants in planning for their college experiences.